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Safety Culture

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Safety Culture and Safety Climate: Research Reports and Products

CPWR has funded research that was designed to improve safety culture and safety climate on construction sites.  To date, this includes:

2017 Alf Nachemson Memorial Lecture delivered by Dr. Linda M. Goldenhar. 

Workshop: Safety Culture and Climate in Construction: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice

In June 2013, CPWR and NIOSH, as part of implementing the NORA Construction Sector Council research agenda, convened a one-day workshop in conjunction with NIEHS called: Safety Culture and Climate in Construction: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice. The goals were to 1) help define what these terms mean, 2) identify ways to measure safety culture/climate on sites and 3) identify effective ways to improve safety culture/climate.  Participants included small and large contractors, unions, academics and consultants.   


Safety Culture and Safety Climate

The construction industry is increasingly recognizing the importance of creating a strong positive Safety Culture and Safety Climate for reducing worker injury rates as close to zero as possible. Researchers also agree that these concepts and related practices are key to reducing injuries, illnesses, and fatalities on construction worksites.  CPWR has developed resources and tools to help contractors improve their safety culture and job site safety climate.