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Overhead Drilling

An overhead drilling device, developed through CPWR-funded research, is impressing workers and contractors as a tremendous advance in comfort, without reducing productivity.

Day Laborer IMPACT

A New Jersey partnership uses a peer-training model to help Latino day laborers make critical decisions about their own health & safety.


Personal stories raise awareness of safe ladder procedures.

Nail Guns IMPACT

CPWR-funded research raises awareness that use of the sequential trigger mechanism & training significantly reduce the risk of nail gun injuries.

Masonry IMPACT

Tools, work practices, and materials are available to reduce back injuries and lost time in the masonry industry. CPWR-funded research is raising contractor and worker awareness and use of ergonomic solutions.

Data Center

A Unique and Trusted Source of Construction Data.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms Work Group

CPWR’s Mast Climbing Work Platforms Work Group conducted 4 years of research, and published a white paper on recommendations for the safe use of mast climbing work platforms, which is raising awareness and encouraging the adoption of safe practices.


Additions and upgrades to eLCOSH reflect user needs and facilitate quick and easy access to historic and up-to-date safety and health information.

Smart Mark Impact

CPWR’s comprehensive hazard awareness program brings interactive safety training to hundreds of thousands of construction workers.