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  • Among construction establishments with payroll, more than 90% had fewer than 20 employees, and studies suggest that there are considerable challenges to improve safety and health in these small construction establishments This Quarterly Data Report explores fatal occupational injuries in construction by establishment size over time, with an emphasis on the period since 2011 using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Read the complete 2018 - 3rd Quarter - Quarterly Data... Read More

  • Designed for owners, contractors, and workers, Construction Solutions is an online database of information on hazards, and practical control measures that can be used to reduce or eliminate those hazards. For each hazard, the database offers one or more effective solutions, from alternative work techniques to commercially available tools. Most of the tools described also feature links to a manufacturer or dealer in case users wish to explore the features and cost of the device in detail.... Read More

  • The Construction Safety & Health Network allows members and site users to find and easily share the latest research findings, new tools, solutions and programs with their networks, connect with other industry stakeholders, researchers, and experts on specific hazards through the Network Directory, and to disseminate and promote their own findings, materials, and products with a broader stakeholder audience. Access the Construction Safety and Health Network to share and discover the... Read More

  • CPWR hosts regular webinars on a variety of topics including current research, new efforts and trends in occupational safety & health, and training programs. The following is a list of upcoming webinar events. To register, click on the event link and select register (as opposed to join now). Space is limited for all events, so we encourage you to register in advance.  Further instructions will be provided when your registration is confirmed. If you have any questions about... Read More

  • Manually lifting and moving heavy materials on job sites can result in strain, sprain, and related soft tissue injuries. These  types of injuries cost business billions of dollars and are the leading cause of disabling injuries  in the construction industry. The Best Built Plans provides contractors and workers with practical tools and information to plan for safe materials handling while staying productive and profitable. Click here to access the jobsite planning tool,... Read More