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Mi Trabajo Seguro

CPWR's Spanish-language website for construction workers.

The Safe Ladder information, pictured below, can be downloaded as a PDF from or by clicking here.  

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To prevent construction injuries and illnesses, key information potentially has to reach millions of workers, about 750,000 employers, and 2.4 million self employed construction workers.   A critical research priority is to improve our understanding of various communication mechanisms and conduct evaluations of how effective they are at reaching high risk populations of workers and influencing their actions on the job. 

Television is one of the few mechanisms for reaching mass national or global audiences.  Dissemination of information is particularly difficult for Hispanic construction workers, 60% of whom speak little or no English.  Hispanic workers now make up a quarter of the U.S. construction workforce and two-thirds of new hires, and suffer disproportionately high rates of fatal injuries on the job.  This project takes advantage of a long history in Spanish language television, and telenovelas in particular, of disseminating information on social issues.   Ongoing research includes several forms of access and impact evaluations to guide future communication efforts.

CPWR partnered with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Hollywood Health & Society program at the University of Southern California to encourage a storyline about a construction worker who falls from a ladder on “Pecados Ajenos” (“The Sins of Others”); a show broadcast in April and May of 2008 on the Spanish-language network Telemundo.  Our thanks to Telemundo/NBC for making this possible.  During several episodes, viewers heard messages about safe work practices and ladder safety, and the human costs of such preventable deaths.

CPWR developed as a supplemental source of information to give Hispanic workers/viewers access to  valuable construction ladder safety tips. The site was introduced through a public service announcement broadcast during “Pecados Ajenos” and delivered by the actor who portrayed a construction worker.   Refer to the links below for more detail on this pilot social marketing effort:

A translation of the text found on the Web site is below:

Mainpage translation:

More construction workers are killed on the job than in any other industry, and Hispanics are at greater risk. These injuries are preventable. Mi Trabajo Seguro shows how. We start with ladder safety, because falls kill the most construction workers, and will continue to add more safety tips.  You can help by completing a brief research survey, sharing information with friends, and thinking about the human cost of falls in scenes from Telemundo’s “Pecados Ajenos.”

Interactive “7 Pasos de Seguridad en Escaleras

(7 Simple Ways to Stay Safe)” download flier

Public Service Announcement Translation:

(To view the PSA please click on one of the two images on the main






“Tere didn’t have to fall. Nor did the almost 400 construction workers who die each year because of a fall in the workplace. These deaths don’t have to happen.

My name is Julio Ocampo, the boyfriend of Tere in the telenovela “Pecados Ajenos.”

“Visit where it explains how you can stay safe on the worksite.”

“Do it for your coworkers, for your family. Do it for yourself!”

Recursos Adicionales (Resources page):


No Se Caiga. (Don’t Fall for It)

Vea o baje un video sobre seguridad en escaleras. (Watch or download a video about ladder safety).

Escaleras de Mano - Guía de Capacitación (Ladders – Safety Guide)
Baje una copia gratis de la Biblioteca Electrónica de Salud y Seguridad en la Construcción. (Download a free copy from the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health).

Mi vida, mi trabajo, mi trabajo en seguridad - Gestión del riesgo en el medio laboral
(“Mi life, my job, my safe job – Management of risk in the work place) 
Baje una copia gratis de este guía hecha por la Oficina Internacional del Trabajo. (Download a free copy of this guide made by the International Labor Organization).

Escaleras Portátiles — Seguridad: Advertencia de Peligro. (Portable Ladders Security: Advisory Notice)
Baje una copia gratis de esta advertencia sobre el peligro del uso de escaleras portátiles patrocinada por CPWR. (Download a free copy of this safety advisory notice regarding the use of ladders produced by CPWR).

Haga una búsqueda avanzada sobre seguridad en el uso de escaleras en el sitio Web del Instituto Nacional de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo.

(Make a search regarding ladder safety at the Spanish-language version of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Web site).